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Welcome to Carpentaria!

Carpentaria is a beautiful coastal town located in the Gulf of Carpentaria in Queensland, Australia. If you're planning to visit this wonderful place, we have prepared some essential information for you.

How to Get There

You can reach Carpentaria by car or by air. If you're driving, it will take approximately 12 hours from Cairns or 8 hours from Mount Isa. If you prefer to fly, you can take a flight to Normanton Airport or Karumba Airport.

Where to Stay

There are several accommodations available in Carpentaria, ranging from budget-friendly motels to luxurious resorts. Here are some of the recommended places to stay:

  • Carpentaria Lodge
  • Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park
  • End of the Road Motel
  • Normanton Tourist Park

Things to Do

Carpentaria is a perfect destination for nature lovers and adventurers. Here are some of the activities you can do in this town:

  • Explore the vast wetlands of Carpentaria with a guided tour
  • Fishing in the Gulf of Carpentaria, which is renowned for its barramundi fishing
  • Visit the Barramundi Discovery Centre, which offers an insight into the world of barramundi fish and their habitat
  • Go birdwatching and spot some of the unique bird species that live in the region
  • Take a sunset cruise along the Norman River and enjoy the breathtaking views

Where to Eat

Carpentaria is known for its fresh seafood and other local delicacies. Here are some of the places where you can find delicious food:

  • The Purple Pub
  • Karumba Point Seafood Restaurant
  • The Gulflander Cafe
  • Normanton Bakery

Visit Carpentaria

Carpentaria is a unique town that offers an unforgettable experience for visitors. We hope this information has helped you plan your trip to Carpentaria. Have a great time!

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